What are the advantages of a good cooling fan

September 16, 2020

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The current


Same speed, same voltage, same air volume. Cooling fans with low current are better. The smaller the current is, the smaller the fan loss will be, which means the lower the power consumption. The main reason for the low power consumption is: <1>. The product has strong magnetic conductivity <2>. Good loss of motor enameled wire <3>. High copper content <4>. Lubricating oil is highly reactive.


Listen to the noise


The cooling fan with the same speed, same voltage and less noise is better, because the lower noise is mainly related to the fan blade, bearing, oil, assembly structure and so on. The better the shape of the fan blade is designed, the higher the air volume will be, and the lower the noise will be. This is not only a technical task, but also a test of the ability of technicians. The higher the precision of the bearing, the smaller the friction with the shaft core, the more accurate the size matching, and of course, the lower the noise, which is greatly related to the material of the bearing. The noise is low, it means the friction is small, bearing, shaft core life will be longer, dc fan life will also be longer.


Vibration measurement


The fan with the same specification and speed, the cooling fan with small vibration is better.